Editorial Staff 2019-2020

Alana Bauer – Editor-in-Chief

Alana Bauer is currently a Sophomore at Bedford High School. She co-founded “The Fourth Floor” from a passion for creative writing. Outside of literary magazine, Alana is involved in other clubs such as Model United Nations and DECA. In her future, Alana would love to pursue either journalism or public policy.

Lucky Kovvuri – Literature Editor

Lucky is a sophomore at Bedford High School this year. She joined the Fourth Floor at the recommendation of the Editor-in-Chief because she loves creative writing and couldn’t resist the name of the club. Outside of the Fourth Floor, Lucky is involved in extracurriculars such as DECA, MUN and the school’s debate team. She loves to read and learn (as long as there isn’t too much homework). She has a beloved cat named Cheri. 

Amber Martin – Artistic Editor

Amber Martin is a junior at BHS. She loves reading (especially C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien), writing (mostly dystopian), painting (usually landscapes), theater (off the stage, at least), and hanging out with her three siblings.

Sarah Avampato – Outreach Officer

Sarah Avampato is currently a senior and an avid reader. She enjoys reading as well as writing and dabbles in photography in her free time as well.