Washing hands with soap Creative Writing Poetry


I was gonna write a poem about soap But I’m no good at poems, so I lost all hope Aristotle should not run for the role of pope I would be better, I hope Even if I continually slip down that endless slope I am made clean by the dirt and mud. The earth’s hands […]

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Rocks balancing on a cliff, sun rising in background Creative Writing Poetry

The World Around Me

Sun around the world finds me Moon around the world hides me My dog stepped on a bee And then came after me Still, there’s more that I must be Stop. Silence is all the noise I need.   Note: This poem was written as part of an activity where members of The Fourth Floor […]

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Creative Writing Fiction Short Story


I looked at my screen in shock, but also a little in awe. When I tried to divert my attention out the window, onto the turbojet, I couldn’t help it when I failed and my gaze fell back to my computer. My breath quickly became shallow as I absorbed the story laid out. On the […]

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