Washing hands with soap Creative Writing Poetry


I was gonna write a poem about soap But I’m no good at poems, so I lost all hope Aristotle should not run for the role of pope I would be better, I hope Even if I continually slip down that endless slope I am made clean by the dirt and mud. The earth’s hands […]

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Rocks balancing on a cliff, sun rising in background Creative Writing Poetry

The World Around Me

Sun around the world finds me Moon around the world hides me My dog stepped on a bee And then came after me Still, there’s more that I must be Stop. Silence is all the noise I need.   Note: This poem was written as part of an activity where members of The Fourth Floor […]

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Creative Writing Poetry


Wind against stone Naught pushing back Rage in the bone All fading black Dreams drifting ‘way Goal kept in mind Thoughts locked at bay Dark cloud to find Lost in the storm Sound cracking close Light taking form My chosen dose I scream and shout To no avail Wind brushes stone As rock beats gale […]

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Image of the Sydney Opera House lit up under the black night sky Creative Writing Fiction Short Story

The Opera

“Daddy, wait,” I pleaded, pulling the delicate string on my nightstand lamp to counter the darkness in the room. “What about a bedtime story?” He stood in the doorway, his hand still on the doorknob. The warm glow of the lamp illuminated his face in such a way that he appeared more tired than I […]

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