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March 29, 2023

I’m the best friend in all the movies. It may sound cliche. My purpose is to encourage my best friend to ask out a boy or run for prom queen. Of course, I’ll go to prom too, wearing a nice dress, but not as pretty as hers; I’m good looking, but not as beautiful as her. Always energetic, always optimistic, even if I fail at something. Because a failing grade is an opportunity to make a joke and lift up my best friend who only got a B. Whenever she’s there, I’m happy, so I always leave the main character smiling. I’m stuck in my corner, scared to leave her side, because if I left her, then who would I be? If I stepped out of her shadow and into the light, would I seize my moment or be too scared to fight? So for now I’ll just be my fun and joyful self until she calls on me again. I’m not unique or different; I’m just the best friend.

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