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Ode to You or Me?

March 29, 2023
Note: This conveys themes of Bipolar Disorder.


Dear me, I am shocked by your self-centeredness.
I thought you would write about
Anything else, I mean
You? Why, what will you write, you walking contradiction?

My thoughts and feelings constantly change
You need to make up your mind.

Sad, I felt so sad YESTERDAY, I wanted to break down. But that
Can’t be true because TODAY you feel happy and good!
A distraction is what you need, I guess I’ll write this poem. And it’s
True, this is personal. I don’t know if I should I even
Turn this in?
Eh, don’t read too much into it.
Really? There’s no truth to these words?
Especially becau–
Dramatic, stop being dramatic

Friends. Did you lose more?
Everybody needs friends.
Everyone does NOT need friends.
Listen, I want to know WHY you act the way you act and say the things you say?
It doesn’t matter, I like myself!             Right?
Not today…you should workout or study or do something productive.
Gosh why’d my feelings change so much? 
Sometimes I don’t know if it’s me or my insecurities talking.

Really, there has to be something wrong with me if they’re always leaving
Eventually it won’t matter because
After highschool, in college, you’ll
Know people with your similar interests!

Me! Hey, you! Stop distracting me with entertainment.
Everybody must HATE me. How can I talk to them? Let me just watch TV and read books.

Ode to myself, you have been
Unreasonably difficult. I hate myself today, and I love myself tomorrow.
Trivial, your problems and this poem are insignificant.

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