Creative Writing Poetry


March 29, 2023

She makes me feel insecure
She thinks I’m too loud
When I talk she stares
She has red hair
She uses it to her advantage,
Flaunting it around as she laughs
She used to have brown hair
And so I wonder if it’s now red because somebody made her feel self-conscious
She’s in my third period
When I laugh, she glares
She’s only mean because she doesn’t care
Her smile lights up the room
She brightens others’ days
And yet she beats me down
I don’t know why she hates me
It might be my personality
But I hate her, too
She annoys me, confuses me
I see her in class
She lights the match, and I burn because she’s a spark and I’m gas
Her weapons are her words
Her subtle glances
And tossed eye rolls
She’s only powerful because she doesn’t care about me
I don’t get what she sees about me
A hateful, distant, other personality?
All I know is I am good and she is bad
And yet still I want her to care about me

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