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Cracked Dreams, Muddled Reality

December 14, 2022

Sitting in a forest of pines

Music barely heard, except the beating of a tambourine

Completely alone

letting the relaxation seep in through the cracks

The clouds pass and go overhead 

Is it a dream or is this real

Does it matter

The clouds begin to clump

Churning into one massive gray being

Like a huge bear in the sky

Raindrops begin to fall 

Dripping down the pine trees and onto the earth below 

Soaking into the ground

A drop cold as ice lands on flesh

Is it a dream or is this real

Does it matter


A boy alone in his bed

The sins of his actions haunting him

Something crawling around the corner into his vision

A knife beside his bed

He prefers the world of dreams than reality

He lays in his bed doing nothing but sleep for hours

His hand reaches for the knife

Unwaveringly stabbing it into his chest

Is it a dream or is this real

Does it matter

A daughter with an empty head

Filling the hole in her chest with material wealth

The only thing she wants is happiness 

Meditation, money, exercise, food, drugs

There is still an empty hole

Gaping wider and wider each day

Needing more and more to fill it

Shooting, reading, painting

New hobbies to distract herself from the icy cold numbness


Covered in feathers, soaked black with shadows

She wants to fly

She stands at the edge of a building, wishing to fly

Is it a dream or is this real

Does it matter

Reality and dreams muddled together 

Water soaked with the forgotten dreams of all

An ocean mucked with reality

The sky polluted with dreams 

The earth drained with ambition 

Everything is a dream 

Which makes it reality 

Nothing matters 

Byron Dupuis '23
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