Pandemic Prompts

May 1, 2020

When the going gets hard, get inspired

In times of crisis, people have different ways of responding. Here are some prompts so you can take advantage of our unique situation in human history and express yourself. Who knows, maybe your writing will be featured in a textbook 50 years from now!

  1.  Imagine you find a time machine and you go into the future. When would you go? What would you find and what will you do about it?
  2.  Write about the situation in the world a year from now, as you imagine it.
  3.  Which attitude, optimism or pessimism, is best suited for this situation? Which one are you?
  4. Write about the positive effects of this on nature– for example, the point of view of an animal seeing that all the roads are clear.
  5. What do you miss most from your life before the pandemic? What did you take for granted?
  6. Quarantine has finally been lifted and school is back. You go back to school for the first time in a long time. Write about the day and how weird, scary, or happy it is.
  7.  Imagine that a number appears on everybody’s wrist at 10 years old that tells them how many people they’re going to be responsible for killing in their life. One person gets a very high number and thinks it’s a glitch. But when the pandemic hits, they disregard social distancing and end up “killing” the number of people on their wrist by spreading the virus.
  8. You’re a medical worker who learns of a hidden origin/purpose of the coronavirus one day when someone who is very close to dying from the virus whispers something shocking in your ear.
  9. How has staying at home affected your relationships?
  10. Imagine that people suddenly start developing powers after recovering from the virus.
  11.  Is humor okay as a coping mechanism in times like this? When is it taken too far? Is there a line?
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