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King of the Stars

November 20, 2019

Alone in the night
Where they shadows, they crawl
‘Neath the mighty white moon
And it’s light’s great sprawl
Under a shady black sky
That mysterious, dark slate
Where the lost and the lawless
Choose to seek their very fate
Below this great rock’s light
Which shines brightly in its gleam
Sits a being, a shadow’s brother
Though the shadow was always supreme
Here he sits, quite at ease
After years of wear and scars
Alone in the night, beneath the moon’s light
Exists the King of the Stars
The King of the Stars is no ordinary beast
With his scales, and jagged white claws
He’s got wings the size of great mountain peaks
And curved horns that bring wonder and awe
Though a mighty king, he seems to be
By many, he’s quite unknown
Such a title, “King” would sound quite unfitting

As this beast is always alone
But when the moon refuses to rise at night
He spreads his gigantic wings
So soon the dark becomes dark no more
Alit with many tiny, twinkling things
These lights, although small, are endless as the sky

A guide to those near and afar
They are owned by no man, not a mortal of life
They belong to the King of the Stars

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